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What should we bring?

- ID, passport or driver's license to make the contract.

- Mobile phone for your safety.

-Sun cream (recommended Nr 50).

-Beach towel.

-Snorkeling equipment and fins.

-Waterproof bags (although the boat has a dry closet).

- Ice, food and drink. (Coolbox included in the boat).

And time to enjoy !!!

I have no boats experience. It is dangerous?

Not at all, most of our clients have no experience. We teach you everything you need and we have a boat ready to come to you at any time if you need it. Bring a mobile phone.

What if I get lost?

It is very difficult to get lost as the route is very easy and we give you a map to guide you. Likewise, if you unfortunately get lost, we have a GPS system and we know your location at all times, you just have to call us and we will guide you.

Can I go to any place?

Unfortunately, this type of boats that you can drive with no license, for security reasons, the limits are the limits of the route map (Cala Conta to the west and Cap Nonó to the north), you can´t pass these limits, even if you have a license, but between the limits, you can go where you like.

¿Can I go to Formentera or Es Vedrá?

No. As we indicated in the previous point, for safety and regulations, it is not allowed.

Can we go more than 6 people on board, even if they are children?

No. It's an isurance and homologation problem, not a weight issue. It is like a car, if you put an extra person, even a baby, the insurance does not cover you and carries a considerable fine in addition to the immediate withdrawal of the boat without the possibility of claiming.

Can we anchor where we want?

No, we can only anchor in sandy bottoms, with little depth, NEVER drop the anchor on top of the posidonia plants or rock. If we are anchored, and we perceive that the boat grabs, that due the anchor slides through the sand, we release more line or change our anchoring place, we could collide with other boats that are anchored or ours go towards the rocks .

Can we go down to the island of Conejera?

No. All the little islands around Ibiza belong to the natural park and are protected. You cannot descend on them or touch them, and not respecting it carries heavy fines, but you can sail and swim around them.

Is petrol included in the price?

Yes. Our boats are provided with a huge tank that we fill every day and it is enough for 12 hours of sailing without refueling. Gasoline is included in the price.

Can we pay in cash or by card?

Yes. You can choose the payment method that suits you best.

Is it easy to find parking nearby?

Yes. In front of the Es Pouet beach, you will find several streets where you can easily park and it´s  free.

Are there supermarkets or stores nearby?

Yes. Near our location there are supermarkets, souvenir shops, bars and restaurants for whatever you need.

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