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Online reservations & prices

Boat must be booked at least the day before the desired date.
For booking for the same day please send us a Whatsapp or call us to check availability.


From 11.00 till 15.30/16:00

No licence required
Up to 6 people
Fuel included
Insurance included


From 16.00/16.30 till sunset

No licence required
Up to 6 people
Fuel included
Insurance included

Full day

From 11.00 till Sunset

No licence required
Up to 6 people
Fuel included
Insurance included


May & june

1/2 day
180 €
Morning time or afternoon
Full day
300 €
From 11 to sunset

July, august, september & october

1/2 day
200 €
Morning time or afternoon
Full day
330 €
From 11 to sunset

Morning time from 11 till 15.30/16.00 depending of the month

Afternoon from 16.00/16.30 till sunset.

At sunset time the boat must be returned.

Fuel, insurance and taxes included.

Frequent questions

Before boarding

Is fuel included in the price?

Yes. Our boats are equipped with a huge tank which we fill every day and is sufficient for 12 hours of sailing without refuelling. Fuel is included in the price.

Can I pay in cash or by card?

Yes. You can choose the payment method that suits you best on the day of booking.

What should I bring on the day of the booking?

– ID, passport or driving licence to sign the contract.
– Mobile phone for your safety.
– Sunscreen (recommended factor 50). A hat or cap is recommended to protect you from the sun.
– Beach towel
– Snorkelling gear and flippers.
– Watertight bags (although the boat has a watertight cabinet).
– Ice, food, and drink. Water is a must (cooler included on the boat).
And a willingness to have fun!!!

I have no experience whatsoever. Is it dangerous?

Not at all, most of our customers have no experience whatsoever. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, and we have a boat ready to come to your aid at any time if necessary. Bring a mobile phone.

Is it easy to find parking near the departure point?

Yes. In front of the beach of Es Pouet, you will find several streets where you can park without any problem and free of charge.

Are there supermarkets or shops nearby?

Yes. Near our location there are supermarkets, souvenir shops, bars and restaurants for whatever you need.

At sea

What happens if I have any problem on board?

We have a boat ready at any time to assist you, in case of any problem, technical or personal, call us and we will assist you to solve it.

What happens if I get lost?

It is very difficult to get lost as the two routes are very easy and we give you a map to guide you. In the unlikely event that you get lost, we have a GPS system so that we know your location at all times, just call us and we will guide you.

Can I go wherever I want?

Unfortunately, as these are boats without a licence, for safety reasons, the limits are those marked on the map of the routes (Cala Salada Route to the north and Platges de Comte – Cala Conta Route to the west), these boundaries cannot be exceeded, even if you have a licence, but within them, you can sail freely.

Can I go to Formentera or Es Vedrà?

No. As specified in the previous point, due to safety and regulations, it is not allowed.

Can we take more than 6 people on board, even if they're children?

No. It is a regulatory or insurance issue, not a weight issue. It’s like a car, if you put an extra person, even a baby, the insurance does not cover you, and you will be fined a considerable amount and the boat will be immediately withdrawn without the possibility of making a claim.

Can I bring a pet on the boat?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on board as they take up space and prevent passengers from being comfortable.

Can we anchor and moor wherever we want?

No, we can only anchor on sandy, shallow seabeds, NEVER drop anchor on posidonia or rock. If we are at anchor, and we notice that the boat is moving because the anchor is slipping in the sand, we should cast off more line or change our anchoring place, as we could collide with other boats at anchor, or our own boat could drift onto the rocks.

Can we leave the catamaran with no one onboard?

No. Because the sea is a changing environment, there must always be someone in control of the vessel.

Can we disembark on the island of Conejera?

No. All the islets belong to the nature park and are protected. You can’t disembark or touch them, and failure to do so carries heavy fines, but you can sail around them and swim.