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Recommended Route

Following our recommended route you will discover the west coast of Ibiza with the boat, where  the best places are. You will find caves, cliffs, caves, wild islands and crystal clear waters beaches,  You will Discover the real Ibiza by yourself!
Port Des Torrent

Located at the beginning of the bay of Sant Antoni, this beatiful sand spot has been given its name because it has generated in the mouth of a torrent, a natural harbour around wich a large residential and tourist area has developed. It has a great variety of services of every kind and this is why many residents choose it to take a refreshing bath and taste a dish of local gastronomy in its restaurants.

Cala Bassa

A real natural swimming pool, considered one of the most beatiful beaches of the islands because of the transparency of its waters, the quality of sand and the leafy wood of junipers, pine trees and tamarinds that surrounds it, among which you shall find countless corners to take a nap at the shade during the hours when heat is at its works. The boat trip from Sant antoni that takes you to the beach is highly advisable.

Torre Rovira
Cala Conta

Group made up of several small coves, located in a natural environment of eztraordinary beauty. You will be able to gaze at the colourful spectacle of sun at sunset with the small islands of s´Espartar, des Bosc and sa Conillera as silent witnesses. The combination of sand brithness and the reflection of the sun on its waters of turquoise colour make of this place a real heaven at any time of the year.

Isla de Conejera
Cala Salada

This beach is made up of a bigger cover and another one smaller named Cala Saladeta, separated by rocky cliffs where a group of old dry-dock stalls blend into them, used by fishermen of the area to shelter their traditional boats, known as men of the area to shelter their traditional boats, known as 'llaüts'. Quiet and friendly, surrounded by a luxuriant Mediterranean wood, it is full corners where one can relax admiring the landscape or bathe in its transparent waters.

Nonó Cape
Cala Gració

Beatiful and small cove of families, very much frequented by residents of teh area , fitted between soft rocky promontories and a luxuriant wood of junipers and pine trees. It has many services, among which the refreshment stall is to be pointed out. It has a peculiar orm of triangle, narrow with a tongue of sand getting into the wood. Not far from there, we can visit Cap Blanc, a natural aquarium.

Punta Galera
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